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Health Professionals Practice Mindfulness in Toronto

Mindfulness is enjoying a bit of attention in the mainstream media these days, and as a result more and more health professionals are practicing mindfulness.

Here in Toronto there is a vibrant community of health professionals, called Mindfulness Toronto, which meets each month to share information and practice together. Check their website for information about how to join. The community welcomes new members.

Here at The Mindfulness Clinic we also support health professionals and students who want to practice mindfulness meditation.

On the third Saturday of each month we host a meditation retreat day for them so they can deepen their meditation practice and share in discussions about how to use mindfulness to take care of themselves and help their patients.

We have been joined in our downtown Toronto office by psychologists, physicians, social workers, psychotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, pharmacists and others. Find out more about our retreat days here, and come along if you’d like to experience one yourself.

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