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Vlog – Mindful Eating Helps with Food Addiction

In a recent article in the National Post, Toronto-based dietician Jennifer Sygo explores how mindful eating helps people with food addiction to change their relationship with food.

Unlike the classic food addiction treatment, in which foods that are known to trigger cravings are eliminated altogether, mindful eating teaches that no food is off limits. Instead, people learn mindfulness skills to help them slow down and eat with awareness and without judgment. Research shows that this helps people break unhealthy patterns such as emotional eating and binging.

To get a better idea of what the process of mindful eating involves, try a guided Mindful Eating meditation with MB-EAT Instructor Arnie Allice, R.N. The following video is a short demonstration of mindful eating; in actual practice it is useful to spend a longer amount of time bringing awareness to each instruction.

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