Reading List for Health Professionals

Beginning Mindfulness

Guneratana, B.H. (2002). Mindfulness in Plain English. Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications.

Kabat-Zinn, J. (2006). Mindfulness for Beginners (Audio). Louisville, CO: Sounds True.

Kornfield, J. (2004). Meditation for Beginners: Six Guided Meditations for Insight, Inner Clarity, and Cultivating a Compassionate Heart [With CD]. Louisville, CO: Sounds True.

Naht-Hanh, T. (1992). Peace Is Every Step: The Path of Mindfulness in Everyday Life. Bantam.

Weiss, A. (2004). Beginning Mindfulness: Learning The Way of Awareness. A Ten Week Course. Novato, CA: New World Publishers.

Mindfulness & Psychotherapy

Alper, Steven. (2008). Mindfulness Meditation: A Clinician’s Guide to Integrating Mindfulness Practice in Psychotherapy. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Baer, A. R. (2010). Assessing Mindfulness and Acceptance Processes in Clients: Illuminating the Theory and Practice Of Change. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Baer, A.R. (2006). Mindfulness-Based Treatment Approaches: Clinician’s Guide to Evidence Base and Applications. Burlington, MA: Elsevier.

Bien, Thomas. (2006). Mindful Therapy: A Guide for Therapists and Helping Professionals. Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications, Inc.

Didonna, F. (Ed.) (2008). Clinical Handbook of Mindfulness. New York: Springer.

Germer, C.K. Siegel, R.D. & Fulton, P.R. (Eds.) (2005). Mindfulness and Psychotherapy. New York: Guilford Press.

Kornfield, Jack. (2008). The Wise Heart: A guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology.

Mace, C. (2008) Mindfulness and Mental Health: Therapy, Theory and Science. New York: Routledge.

Shapiro, S.L. and Carlson, L.E. (2009) The Art and Science of Mindfulness: Integrating mindfulness into psychology and the helping professions. Washington, DC: APA.

Mindfulness & Addiction

Appel, J and Appel, D.K. (2009). Mindfulness: Implications for Substance Abuse and Addiction. International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. 7 (4) 1557-1882.

Bien, T. & Bien, B. (2002). Mindful Recovery: A Spiritual Path to Healing from Addiction. Somerville, MA: Wisdom Publications, Inc.

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Witkiewitz, K., Marlatt, G.A., Walker, D. (2005). Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, 19(3),. 211-228.

Mindfulness & Anger

Eifert, G.H. McKay, M. & Forsyth, J.P. ACT on Life Not on Anger: The New Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Guide to Problem Anger. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Naht-Hanh, T. (2002). Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames Riverhead Trade.

Mindfulness & Anxiety

Brantley, J. (2007). Calming Your Anxious Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Free You from Anxiety, Fear, and Panic. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Evans, S., Ferrando, S., Findler, M., Stowell, C., Smart, C., Haglin, D. (2008). Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for generalized anxiety disorder. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 22(4), 716–721.

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Toneatto, T. & Nguyen, L. (2007). Does Mindfulness Meditation Improve Anxiety and Mood Symptoms? A Review of Controlled Research. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry 52 (4), 260-266.

Mindfulness & Depression

Crane, R. (2009). Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy: Distinctive Features. New York: Routledge.

Segal, Z., Williams, J.M., Teasdale, J.D. (2002). Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression. New York: Guilford Press.

Williams, J.M., Teasdale, J.D., Segal, Z., & Kabat-Zinn, J. (2007). The Mindful Way Through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness. New York: Guilford Press.

Mindfulness & Eating

Albers, S. (2003). Eating Mindfully: How to End Mindless Eating and Enjoy a Balanced Relationship with Food. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Albers, S. (2009). Eat, Drink and Be Mindful: How to End Your Struggle with Mindless Eating and Start Savoring Food with Intention and Joy. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.

Chozen-Bays, (2009).Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food–includes CD. Shambhala.

Mindfulness & Loving Kindness

Brasch, Tara. (2004). Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With the Heart of a Buddha. New York: Bantam.

Brasch, Tara. (2004). Radical Self-Acceptance: A Buddhist Guide to Freeing Yourself from Shame. Sounds True.

Salzberg, Sharon. (2005). The Force of Kindness: Change Your Life with Love & Compassion. Sounds True.

Salzberg, Sharon. (2008). Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness. Shambhala

Salzberg, Sharon (2009). The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion: Freeing Yourself from Destructive Thoughts and Emotions. New York: The Guilford Press.

Mindfulness & Pain

Gardner-Nix, J. and Costin-Hall, L. (2009). The Mindful Solution to Pain. Oakland, CA: Raincoast.

Kabat-Zinn, J. (2009). Mindfulness Meditation for Pain Relief: Guided Practices for Reclaiming Your Body and Your Life (Audio). SoundsTrue.

Yonge, Shinzen. (2002) Break Through Pain: A Step-by-Step Mindfulness Meditation Program for Transforming Chronic and Acute Pain. Sounds True.

Mindfulness & Parenting

Kabat-Zinn, Myla & Jon. (1998). Everyday Blessings. Hyperion.

Ruething, A. & Pitcher, Patti. (2003). Under the Chinaberry Tree: Books and Inspirations for Mindful Parenting. Broadway.

Mindfulness & Relationships

Barnes, S., Brown, K.W. Krusemark, E, Campbell, W.K. Rogge, R.D. (2007). The role of mindfulness in romantic relationship satisfaction and responses to relationship stress. Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 33(4): 482-500.

Naht, Hahn, T. (2006). True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart. Shambhala.

Richo, David (2002). How to Be an Adult in Relationships: The Five Keys to Mindful Loving. Shambhala.

Ward, L. Ward, P.R. (2008). Love’s Garden: A Guide to Mindful Relationships. Parallax Press.

Mindfulness & Stress

Kabat-Zinn, J. (2005). Full catastrophe living: Using the wisdom of your body and mind to face stress, pain, and illness: Fifteenth anniversary edition. New York: Bantam Dell.

Kabat-Zinn, J. (2005). Wherever you go there you are. Hyperion.

Kabat-Zinn, J. (2006). Coming to our senses. Hyperion.




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