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Distressing feelings and moods

Stress, burnout, emotional pain, depression, anxiety, anger, grief, bereavement or OCD.

Relationship, marriage and family problems

Learn more about Problems We Can Help You With (video 2 minutes)
Video transcript
Hello, my name is Dr. Kelly.  I’d like to give you some information in this short video about the kinds of problems or difficulties or concerns that we can offer help for.  If you don’t hear your particular problem in this list that I’ll give quite shortly, please feel free to give us a call anyway.  There’s still a good chance that we can offer some assistance here, and if we can’t, ourselves, provide some assistance that would be useful for you, we’ll do our best to make recommendations about other therapists or other clinics so you can save some time to find the help that is important for you to have.
What can we help with here?  There are four general areas:
  • If you’re having problems because of difficult or distressing feelings, perhaps depression, anxiety or anger, we can help you minimize or reduce these problems.  We can help you cope with them better so that they cause less disruption in other parts of your life.
  • If you’re having relationship difficulties, a lot of arguing, conflict or tension, we can help you work on things yourself so you can make improvements in this area.  We offer both individual therapy for this and we also work with couples.
  • If you’re having problems because of addiction or substance abuse, we can also be of service.  It might be drinking too much, using street drugs, addiction to the internet or to pornography.  The combination of psychotherapy and meditation techniques that we offer here can be very useful for these difficulties.
  • We can also offer help for you if you’re living with a chronic health condition or if you have a physical difficulty that’s stress related.  We help people with such things as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or cancer, so that they can cope better with these chronic difficulties.  You can also learn techniques in the meditation field that can be very useful for reducing the intensity or frequency of headaches, of stomach difficulties, of symptoms related to irritable bowel or of pain problems.
So, again, we can help for difficult feelings, for relationship problems, for substance abuse or for addiction problems, and we can help people cope better if they have physical, chronic health problems or other difficulties of that sort.
Please give us a call if you’d like to talk further about how we might be helpful for you.  Thank you.

Tension, conflict, loneliness, infidelity, sexual problems or dissatisfaction with a relationship at home or a work.

Addiction and substance abuse problems

Alcohol and drug problems, addictions to gambling, the internet or pornography, and smoking cessation.

Health or pain problems

We can help you cope with conditions like cancer, MS, and chronic pain. We can help you to control problems like: headache, menstrual pain, psoriasis, skin itching, back pain, and excessive health worries.

If your problem is not on our list, call us anyway. We have not listed everything. Call us at 416-847-7118 or email info(at)themindfulnessclinic(dot)ca.




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