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Staff at The Mindfulness Clinic share their favourite things with you.

Mindfulness Apps for Your Smartphone: our recommendations

How can you practice mindfulness on-the-go? If you are a smartphone user, these apps can help you structure meditation into your daily schedule. From beginners to more experienced meditators or those with only 10 minutes to spare, there’s a mindfulness app out there for you!

Mindfulness Toronto Connecting mindfulness-based professionals across the GTA

Mindfulness Toronto is a vibrant community of professionals dedicated to the principles and practice of mindfulness in all sectors of society.

The community began in 2009 and now meets in person 9 times a year to practice and to share wisdom. These meetings are held in downtown Toronto, each led by a different member of the group, or a guest speaker, on different topics related to mindfulness.

Snow Lion Canada: Meditation supplies.

Snow Lion is a meditation supply store at Pape and Danforth. They sell meditation cushions, books, statues and other “spiritual essentials”. We purchase all of our meditation cushions from Snow Lion–they make their own meditation cushions and mats of excellent quality. If you want to purchase a cushion from them, the staff will take the time to make sure you buy the right cushion for your body and needs.

Snow Lion also offers lectures throughout the year in wisdom teachings on topics such as healing, meditation, death and dying and the nature and journey of transformation. All are offered at no cost.

Caversham Books: North America’s largest mental health bookstore.

We order many books from Caversham, a bookstore specializing in books for mental health professionals both in-store and by mail throughout the world.

Caversham is a community of often eccentric but knowledgeable staff and interesting, interested customers. They offer books for a wide range of specialties including, psychoanalysis, psychiatry, psychotherapy, trauma, Jungian analysis and neuroscience.

Buddhist Geeks: Online Community with Magazine and Podcast

We love this site that features podcasts (with transcriptions) of interviews with contemporary Buddhist thinkers and teachers around the world. The comment threads on each blog post are often just as interesting as the entry itself!

Elephant Journal: Your guide to a Mindful Life

Elephant Journal is a guide to yoga, organics, sustainability, genuine spirituality, conscious consumerism, fair fashion, the contemplative arts, and anything that encourages living a good life that also happens to be good for others and our planet.

We like this website for its articles, blogs, videos and interviews which are added on a daily basis.

Toronto Body Mind: Toronto’s yoga, meditation and wellness community.

Toronto Body Mind is a great source of information on the meditation and yoga community in Toronto. It has up-to-date educational videos, articles and directory listings, and a collaborative blogging platform for members.

House of Tea: Worldwide-imported loose leaf tea and accessories.

We get all of our tea from House of Tea on Yonge St., just north of Rosedale subway station. Established in 1997, House of Tea is a family owned business run by Marisha and Michael E. Golla. They offer over 280 kinds of loose leaf tea from all over the world. Marisha and Michael are very knowledgeable and incredibly friendly. It’s always a pleasure to visit them.

Jeff Menzies: Handmade gourd, tackhead and minstrel style banjos.

Dr. Kelly enjoys playing the banjo in his spare time, and owns several of Jeff Menzies’ handmade banjos. Jeff’s banjos can be made to any scale length, using a variety of wood and gourd species.

Jeff creates bespoke instruments based on your specifications, and also holds gourd banjo-making workshops throughout the year for those interested in learning about his craft.

The Interdependence Project: a secular and accessible approach to Buddhist meditation

The Interdependence Project brings a secular and highly accessible approach to studying and practicing Buddhist meditation, psychology, and philosophy. We like their blog and podcast. If you’re in New York, they also offer courses in meditation and Buddhist studies.

Dharma Seed: Free Western Buddhist Vipassana Teachings.

This site is dedicated to preserving and sharing Theravada Buddhism teachings. This website makes them freely available for download or streaming. New recordings are added continuously from contemporary dharma teachers.

Healthy Student Initiative: at York University

The Healthy Student Initiative is an ongoing research program, collecting data throughout the fall and winter semesters. York University offers online and in-room meditation sessions most days of the week from the start of each semester until the end of each exam period. Over the course of each semester they collect responses to two surveys and take a single TMS measurement from participants. The meditation sessions are open to everyone and there is no obligation to join the study should you choose to attend. The sessions are completely free and no sign-up or registration is required so please feel free to join at any time! You Can Now Breathe Mindfully…

OnTheMind is designed as a resourceful, informative, and insightful portal to augment the practice and understanding of Mindfulness. Whether you are someone who is curious about the benefits of mindfulness, or looking for resources that can aid your practice in daily life, you will find OnTheMind to offer both simple and effective utilities. The developer team consists of researchers and faculty in the Health Behavior Change Lab at York University.

REALthings: Local, hand-made sitting cushions

REALthings offers a unique selection of hand-woven and one-of-a kind sitting cushions that are hand-made locally with natural and organic materials. Each cushion is designed for comfort, versatility and beauty, creating a ‘portable oasis’ for sitting, meditation and relaxation wherever you go. Educating people about cushions, sitting postures, and how things are made is a big part of what REALthings does. This includes sitting with people and offering them tools so they can find the right cushions to relax and sit comfortably.
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