OCD Treatment Program

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Do you have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD?  Or, are you are looking for help for someone with OCD?  If so, contact us. We know how to help and our treatments can be effectiveeven if your OCD symptoms are very severe.

What OCD Treatments are Available?

Research confirms that three types of psychological treatment are very effective for OCD.  The treatments are:

  • ERP, or Exposure and Response (ritual) Prevention
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Mindfulness Training
Jennifer Monforton, OCD Therapist
Jennifer Monforton, OCD Therapist

We offer all of these excellent treatments here at The Mindfulness Clinic.  About 80% of patients who receive these psychological treatments will benefit significantly and most of them will be able to maintain their success after formal treatment has ended. Our treatment program is designed to help you gain significant control over your OCD symptoms. By the end of treatment, you will be able to “turn down the volume” on your OCD symptoms so you can free up time and mental energy. You can expect to enjoy your life and relationships and cope better with school or work. We will also teach you relapse prevention techniques so you can maintain the gains you made after treatment is over. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people who have OCD symptoms.  We offer  appropriate outpatient treatment for every level of severity from mild to severe.  Our treatments are well designed, practical and effective.

We offer:

  • Outpatient treatment for mild, moderate and severe OCD symptoms
  • A thorough assessment and customized treatment plan
  • Group Therapy with skills training for OCD
  • Individual psychotherapy sessions, with optional phone coaching
  • Guidance and support for home-based practice
  • Training for family or friends so they can support your treatment
  • Home visits for assessment and treatment enhancement
  • Accommodation and travel advice for patients who travel to Toronto to receive our specialized treatment

How do you determine which treatment I need?

For more information about the OCD Treatment Program or to book an assessment, call 416-847-7118 or complete our online form.




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