Treatment Options for OCD

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How do you determine which treatment I need?

Step 1: Assessment for Treatment Planning and Recommendations

First Session:  Problem Clarification and Treatment Planning:  We start at the beginning by collecting information about your symptoms and about how the symptoms interfere with your life.  After we have this information, we can give you a solid recommendation about which treatment option will be best for you. (time required: 1-2 hours) 

Second Session (Optional):  Detailed Exposure and Response (Ritual) Prevention Planning:  If your OCD symptoms are mild in severity, this step will probably not be necessary.  If, on the other hand, you have many different obsessions and rituals, then we need extra time to list and document all of them. Then, with your input, we can design a detailed exposure and response (ritual) prevention treatment program for you. (time required: 1-2 hours)

Step 2: Choose Your Best Treatment Option and Begin Treatment

A: Directed Reading, Home Practice, and a few Therapist Sessions for Coaching:  This minimal treatment may be all you need if your symptoms are fairly mild.

B:  OCD Group Therapy:  Skills Training Group: This treatment involves 12 weekly 2-hour group sessions.  The group may be all you need if your symptoms are mild to moderate.

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C:  Weekly or Twice-Weekly Individual Therapy Sessions:  If your symptoms are moderate to severe then individual therapy sessions are the best way to ensure treatment success.

D:  Intense 15 Day Outpatient Treatment:  If your OCD symptoms are moderate to severe and you want to gain control as quickly as possible, then we recommend daily treatment for 15 days.

E:  Relapse Prevention and Maintenance Sessions:  Relapse preventions and follow up sessions can help you to maintain your gains and deal with any symptoms that may start to show up from time to time.

F:  Home Visits and Family Support:  We offer support and training for family members and partners of patients with OCD symptoms.

More about our OCD Treatment Program

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